Busy is a dirty word

So that cat’s out of the bag. I’ve missed the last two months. Ha. Look, I have fantastic explanations. Really good ones, I swear. Like I’m not actually in Brisbane at the moment! Susan thought it was appropriate to take a little trip away. Who am I to say no when my partner asks for a holiday? Right now we’re sitting in an industrial style cafe in the heart of Fitzroy, nursing a coffee (Susan a chai), and both looking very serious with our laptops out. To make the act more legitimate, I’ll occasionally flick back to my Google Analytics and scroll through the data with purpose. Yes, I am here on business. Not another struggling writer, desperately clutching to the cliche of writing in public.

2017 makes the longest amount of time Susan and I have spent consecutively on Australian soil. That in itself is a very pretentious and an over the top statement, but I’m making it in an attempt to represent how grossly busy we’ve been. I’ve written about my opinions on being busy here. Busy is that friend that you like to tell people about, but when you have to spend a lot of time with them you realise why you only see them every other month. So we’re in Melbourne attempting to regain some sense of normalcy in our lives. It’s been great. A breath of literal crisp air. I always find that being away from my home brings a beautiful perspective.

Like the fact that our current apartment feels like we’re living in a slum. I use drama to stress the point. Being at home right now does not feel like home. It’s difficult to live there. If you’ve had coffee with me in the past six weeks, I’ve made a very good point to spend a solid amount of time complaining about it. I’ve spent so much time talking about it that now trying to write about it is just too exhausting. In summary: everything bad that could happen has happened.

Melbourne, you seldom disappoint.

I have some really exciting news to talk about too. But for now, here’s just a placeholder for a fully fleshed out post. In the mean time, you should check out my Instagram. I post a lot of romantic photos and usually write little stories to accompany them.